Sunday, 7 August 2011


Frogs are amphibians in the order Anura (meaning "tail-less", from Greek an-, without + oura, tail), formerly referred to as Salientia (Latin salere (salio), "to jump"). Most frogs are characterized by a short body, webbed digits (fingers or toes), protruding eyes and the absence of a tail. Frogs are widely known as exceptional jumpers, and many of the anatomical characteristics of frogs, particularly their long, powerful legs, are adaptations to improve jumping performance. Due to their permeable skin,  
Frogs are often semi-aquatic or inhabit humid areas, but move easily on land. They typically lay their eggs in puddles, ponds or lakes, and their larvae, called tadpoles, have gills and develop in water. Adult frogs follow a carnivorous diet, mostly of arthropods, annelids and gastropods. Frogs are most noticeable by their call, which can be widely heard during the night or day, mainly in their mating season.
The distribution of frogs ranges from tropic to subarctic regions, but most species are found in tropical rainforests. Consisting of more than 5,000 species described, they are among the most diverse groups of vertebrates. However, populations of certain frog species are declining significantly.
A popular distinction is often made between frogs and toads on the basis of their appearance, but this has no taxonomic basis. (Members of the anuran family Bufonidae are called true toads, but many species from other families are also called toads.) In addition to their ecological importance, frogs have many cultural roles, such as in literature, symbolism and religion, and they are also valued as food and as pets.
Frogs was cold blooded animals becaused its amphibians and also other animals, such as insects, fish, molluks have respiratory systems with very simple anatomical features, and in amphibians even the skin plays a vital role in gas exchange. They used moist skin, gills. So frog was a cold blooded animals.



Sunday, 12 June 2011

My Favourite Food-(Chilli Chicken@Ayam Berlada)

1 whole chicken (cut to pieces, rub with salt and tumeric and fry)
3 onions (blend)
1 bulb garlic (blend)
3 stalk lemon grass (blend)
2 inch ginger (blend)
2 inch galangal (blend)
1/4 cup vinegar
salt to taste
2 pieces tumeric leaves slice thinly (optional)
4 cups oil
1 rice bowl blended thai chillies
1 rice bowl blended dried chillies

1) Heat oil in wok
2) Fry garlic,onions,ginger,galangal and lemon grass
3) Add in the thai chillies and dried chillies
4) Add in the vinegar,tumeric leaves.
5) salt to taste
6) Add in the chicken and simmer over slow fire until the chillies are cooked.
7) Simmer until the liquid is reduced and the chillies thicken and slightly dry.
8) Remove from stove,ready to serve.
This was my favourite food. I really love to eat chicken. This how to make it from youtube .I hope you will enjoyed for watching.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

My Comments about a song-Let me go home by Michael Buble


I think, this is the song of sadness. This song told us that he really hopes to get back to his hometown. He said 'let me go home' because he misses his someone. Whatever it could be, he still wants to go home. I  really like the song. It reminds me of my family. I miss them so much.                                                              

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Tongue Twister

  1. She sells the sea shells on the sea shoreand the sea shells she sells are sea shells.
  2. Can a can can a can as a canner can can a can?
  3. I wish the wish you wish to wish the wish in the which the witch wishes the wish you wish.
  4. Six sick hick nick sick slick bricks with picks and sticks.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

My Favourite Films-(Ayat-Ayat Cinta)

This films was my favourite films because it's contain a messages about an islamic cultures at Cairo. Its unique way of their live and cultures. but it is was really islamic love but having difficulities because many . It s was adapted by famous novel written by Habiburrahman El-Shirazy. It story was very interesting.
Novels of Ayat-ayat Cinta

The Synopsis:
The story is about an Indonesian student named Fahri Abdullah who a student of Al-Azhar University student. He was admired by many womens firstly his neighbour, named Maria Girgis, she was a shy, open-minded Coptic-Christian neighbour, who is actrected of teachings of the Holy Qurans. finds herselfs fall-in love with Fahri (she reveals to her diary), then Nurul was an Indonesian student also studying at Al-Azhar, a daughter who owned Indonesian religion school. she also hidden her feelings but she fells tortuned. then was Noura was an Egyptian neighbour, she live in suffer becaused she was switched since baby, she was raised in cruel family, becaused she not like her parents was Sudan. She fall in love with him becaused his kindness and responsibility. then Aisha was German-Turkish student haunts Fahri with her beautiful eyes, following an inccident in Metro then their works to translated an Islamics book in english to America reporter named Alicia, then she was convert in Islam. Finally, Fahri married Aisha and Maria, but Maria dead because her illness.

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Saturday, 4 June 2011


           Do you know what is superstition. Superstition is irrational bbelief that from the past of present influence that really ridiculous in a world including Malysia having some people that belief it. Superstitions are thus a way of attempting to regain control over events in one's life. Additionally, while some superstitions seem more widespread like the connection of mirros to the soul, others a specific others a specific to certain cultres or occupation.
            For the example some superstition in the world is a the number thirteen is considered by many in western society to be innerently unlucky whereas in Japan the number four is often considered unlucky. Some supertitions, notably tke connection between mirros and thr soul, are however found to be almost universal, or at least a universal experience and interest in such as cases. While most supertitions are harmless, and even may be helpful in encouraging people to achieve their goals, attributing results to an unrealated cause if it leads to a lack of responsibility on the part of the person can be somewhat doubious. Understanding the true cause of phenomena is the deepest desire of human beings, and people should not abandon that endeavor in favor of superstition.

           A large of superstitions are of the " if you do x, then bad luck will follow " variety. Walking under a ladder, opening an umbrella indoors, spilling salt, and putting now shoes on the table are all examples of actions that will cause bad kuck. In some cases, it is possible to "undo" the action a protect againt bad luck. Crossing one's fingers while walking under a ladder, and throwing salt over the left shoulder after spilling it are often thought to nullify the bad luck.


        Do you know that the harmful effects of smoking? Most of the contains of cigarette was. Statically, the scientist having researh that in cigarette contains a lot of chemical and poisons that harmful for ourbody and the smoke can effected people around us.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

The Campaign Of 3R (recycle, reuse, reduce)

   Nowaday, number of citizen in Malaysia we're increased. So the government was taking to managed the campaign of 3R (recycle, reuse, reduce). The campaign is to teaching to did not making pollution and make our city become cleaned. That they have 3 different coloured of dustbin. There are blue for paper, orange for tins and aluminium, and brawn for glasses.

Ways to minimized road accidents in Malaysia

   In Malaysia,  many accident occured by self and others. It can be happen anytime and anywhere, especially in festivals seasons. It very dangerous. Many factors can lead the accident for example careless,sleeping and others. So, to minimized it, having a car services, getting enough rest for drivers. Lastly, having safely journey. Remember people who we loves.

Monday, 23 May 2011

My unforgettable vacation was in Melaka, it actually was my hometown, but for me it was the best placed that I have been ,it happened during last semester break on the October last year, becused everyone was busy with working and schools, and that was the time that collected us to spend time together. I am was felt very happy. Masya-Allah, there was many wonderfull at there, there was  history memeories “ A Famosa, Mosque of Melaka, Bandar Hilir Melaka, in thera many placed, museum, “eye” on Melaka and beautiful placed. Alhamdulillah that was enjoyable memory and meaningfull to us.

Melaka Sultanese Palace

" A Famosa"

"Eye" on Melaka

View city at night

view in morning

the mosque at selat Melaka.


 Asslamualaikum w.b.t
My name is Nur Aizzah Binti Ismail. I am 19 years old. I was born 16 january 1992. I am from Shah Alam, Selangor. Now I studies in Selangor International Islamic University College in Bandar Sri Putra Bangi. I take course Diploma Al-Quran Dan As-Sunnah semester3. My hobies are a read the book,newspaper,magazine and another. My ambition is a lecturer.

Block of Academy Islamics


Mosque of Al-Azhar SIIUC

I have 5 siblings and I am the youngest sister. My father name Ismail Bin Mohd Yusof and the my mother name Tumiyati Binti Moin. My parent very take care about our religionous knowledge. I was very greatfull having a parent like them. I have two brother and two sister.

My Lovely Family

When I was childhood I entered a kindergarden at Tadika Islam Al-Hidayah. Then continued my studies in primary school level at Sekolah Rendah Islam Hira' Batu Belah Klang. Then continued my studies in Sekolah Agama Menengah Tengku Ampuan Jemaah.

In SIIUC, I have known many friends from different country and nation, because our college having a International student, many of them came from China, Singapore, Kazakhtan, Somalia and so on. I have known some of them, but I have difficult to speaking English properly. I’m so happy in hear becaused having lots of friends. I was in class Al-Quran& As-Sunnah (A), we are just as a family, having a different characteristics but united us is Islam & Ukhuwwah. I really love this class.Ukhuwwah fillah Abadan abada.

Lastly, this was a journey of my life that I want to share. I really greatfull of my life that Allah s.w.t. giving to me. Living was just as "short break" for us to continued our journey to "Akhirat". Alhamdulillah...thank you Allah.